Ecol Industrial's activity is a realization of chemical cleaning service and hydrodynamic cleaning of lubrication system of steam turbines in European market. Our activities in the industrial sector, particularly in energy, chemical and petrochemical are characterized by our high quality approach.

Ecol Industrial is a part of Ecol company group, Poland.

As a Ecol Group we have over 30 years of experience of working in the sector, and can boast a highly specialized workforce that is supported by the most up-to-date technical support.

Address of registered office:

Ecol Industrial s.r.o.
J. Masaryka 399
258 01 Vlašim
Czech Republic

Ecol North America

  • +420 317 842 227


We wants to meet the needs and demands of our customers, therefore we keep broadening the assortment and increasing the quality of our products and services.

Ecol Sp. z o.o. Poland, became a leader in the field of lubrication and cleaning of industrial installations, by using hydrodynamic technology.

The company also offers chemical cleaning, rope-access work and training or counseling. Nowadays we provide service through over a dozen divisions located in the strategic points of Poland.

Ecol has a branches Ecol Industrial in the Czech Republic and Ecol North America in United States of America.

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Since 1994, Ecol has been an authorised professional distributor of LOTOS Oil (produced by the LOTOS Group) in industry power and professional power industries.

LOTOS Oil is polish manufacturer of dedicated oils and greases for industry and automotive, including turbine, gear and hydraulic oils, based on synthetic as well as mineral bases.
Products of LOTOS Oil are synonymous with proven, high quality modern solutions that exceed the most stringent technological standards. It’s also many satisfied customers in 84 countries around the world, thousands of tons of oils a year, which reach the most demanding recipients in the country and abroad.

Ecol - Authorised Distributor of ORLEN OIL

We provide services for numerous companies operating in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, automotive, chemical and petrochemical industries, and others.

Ecol North America

Since the incorporation of Remiz® turbine oils in the market, we have been the most important supplier of TU and TG Remiz® oils—most of Polish power plants, and combined heat and power plants—in Poland.


Ecol company (Poland) was founded on 12th December 1991 as a result of “Rybnik” power plant restructuring. Since 2003, when the founders of the Company bought out the shares held by the power plant, Ecol remains in private hands and is owned solely by Polish shareholders. We started the operation on the market with providing overhaul and maintenance services for “Rybnik” power plant and distributing fuels, oils and lubricants for power industry. Both company divisions have been improved systematically.

In 1993, our co-operation with Polish Refinery Gdańsk (today LOTOS S.A. Group). It resulted with creation of new generation of Remiz turbine oils in the refinery, which were then subsequently implemented in the industry by Ecol. Ecol created an effective distribution and quality supervision system, as well as innovative system of operational supervision over turbine oils, making thus its offer available for most of Polish power plants. Nowadays, Remiz turbine oils (TU and TG types), incorporated in the Polish power industry by Ecol, are used in most of Polish power plants, and combined heat and power plants.

At the same time, we have broadened the offer of specialist hydrodynamic cleaning services. Vigorous development in that area is a result of providing services in hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of oil systems in turbine sets, hydrodynamic cleaning of rotary air and fume heaters, and any other systems and heat exchangers. For years, we have been promoting the concept of providing complex oil-and lubrication maintenance service, also outsourced, as a complete maintenance service offer in the area of lubrication engineering addressed at the customers in all industries.



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