Contamination in oil

One of the most cost-consuming, yet most neglected problems of machinery and equipment operation is inadequate cleanliness of the oil system interior, which corresponds directly to the inadequate cleanliness of oil, thus creating most of operational problems and associated costs.

The impurities are created and transferred to oil systems in the production phase, during installation or overhaul, as well as during the operation of the equipment. During the operation of the machines, the impurities are transferred with oil to the elements that need lubrication, and accumulate on the internal surfaces of pipelines, heat exchangers, tanks, and other elements, creating sediment and sludge.

contamination in oil

The deposited impurities cause deterioration of lubrication and, as a consequence, damage to bearings, temperature rise and eventually failure.

hydrodynamic cleaning

plain bearing damaged due to large amounts of impurities in the oil

hydrodynamic cleaning

dirty oil pipeline

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