Hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of lubrication systems
- descryption of technology

Technology application:

  • turbo generators,
  • turbopumps,
  • turboblowers, compressors,
  • power hydraulics
  • circulating oil lubrication systems.

Service dedicated to:

  • thermal and water power plants,
  • chemical industry facilities,
  • foundries and rolling mills.

movie presentation of hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of lubrication systems by Ecol technology

The essence of this technology is to use proper wash pipes and nozzles (suitable for water pressure), instant drying and preservation of cleansed surface, and finally flushing the set with oil of sufficient flow rate and simultaneous filtration.

The process is divided into three stages:

STAGE 1 - Hydrodynamic cleaning of an oil system with high pressurised water.

STAGE 2 - Flushing of the oil system with oil of turbulent flow and full filtration.

STAGE 3 - Oil bypass filtration prior to machine equipment commissioning.

Stage 1. Hydrodynamic cleaning with high-pressurised water (up to 150 MPa) of the internal surface of the system.

This stage requires spraying the internal surface of a system with high-pressurised water to remove soft deposits (products of ageing oil, sludge, resins, asphalts) and hard deposits (corrosives, welding slag, varnishes). During cleaning, the following occurs:

  • high-pressure water spraying, i.e. hydroblasting (operating pressure up to 150 MPa) of all internal surfaces of the pipeline and other elements of the oil system (discharge pipelines, run-off pipelines, heat exchangers, tanks, siphon and hydraulic systems) with nozzles and elastic wash pipes;
  • instant drying of the cleansed surface with pressurised and filtered air;
  • anti-corrosive protection of dried surfaces until flushing (spraying with operational oil),
  • protection of unsecured spigots and holes from secondary contamination while flushing.

hydrodynamic cleaning

hydrodynamic cleaning nozzle inside pipe

Hydrodynamic cleaning of an oil system

A high level of technological advancement permits the performance of cleaning with minimum removal of the oil system (pumps, fittings, heat exchangers, etc.). The expected outcome of this stage is achieving a high purity of the interior of the oil system by detaching all impurities from the internal surfaces of the oil system parts, and their removal with cleaning water.

hydrodynamic cleaning

a piece of an oil system in turbine set before cleaning

hydrodynamic cleaning

a piece of an oil system in turbine set after cleaning

Instant drying of cleansed surfaces with a filtered air and covering them with a layer of operational oil protects the oil system from secondary corrosion.

Stage 2 - Flushing of the oil system with a turbulent flow and full filtration

This stage intends to remove from all impurities from the oil system that might have remained on the internal surfaces of the elements of the oil system after water cleaning, and thus granting a proper purity of the oil for future operation.

An oil system of a machine or equipment is flushed with oil by specialist pump-and-filtration units (with absolute-rated filters) with an efficiency from 13,000 to 20,000 l/min (and operation characteristics chosen accordingly), fitted in the system with a set of hoses, distributors, bearing by-passes, actuators, etc.

The system is flushed with fresh oil, remaining in the system in time of operation (no need to use additional flushing oil). The system is flushed until all its parts reach the set cleanliness criteria.

installation used in turbulent flow flushing of the oil system in turbine set

Efficient flushing of oil systems in turbine jets has to be done with regard to three basic criteria:

The cleanliness criteria can be tightened - depending on the customer's requirements.

Stage 3 - Bypass oil filtering prior to the equipment commissioning

In order to remove post-installation impurities (introduced into the system during overhaul works after flushing), we perform bypass oil filtering in the main oil tank, in the time of commissioning of the oil system.

Duration time and filtration criteria accustomed to operational requirements.

bypass oil filtering


The technology of hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of lubrication systems with turbulent oil flow rate is undoubtedly the only method of cleaning oil system of such high effectiveness (compared to other methods).

The service we offer allows taking preventive measures in operability management of machinery and equipment based on the oil analysis, as only a high level of oil system cleanliness guarantees the detection of the first signs of machinery and equipment wear and tear in the analysis of contamination detected in the operational oil due to “noise” coming from contaminated system elimination.

Information brochure about Hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of lubrication systems by Ecol technology

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